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KAVITSU - Aiming to be a Global Leader in Gear & Slew Bearing Technology. In 1992 Kavitsu Techniques an entrepreneurship was established by Mr. Vasant Phadtare, which was converted in Private Limited Company namely Kavitsu Transmissions Pvt. Ltd. Since last 25 years, Kavitsu is manufacturing Industrial Transmissions. Pioneering the range of Planetary Gearboxes is very wide.

  • Paper Industries
    Paper Industries
  • Steel Industries
    Steel Industries
  • Mining / Earth Moving Machineries
    Mining / Earth Moving Machineries
  • Packaging Machinery
    Packaging Machinery
  • Sewage Treatment Equipments
    Sewage Treatment Equipments
  • Wind Mills
    Wind Mills
  • Chemical Industries
    Chemical Industries
  • Textile Industries
    Textile Industries
  • Coal Industries
    Coal Industries
  • Cement Industries
    Cement Industries
  • Printing Industries
    Printing Industries
  • Machine Tools
    Machine Tools
  • Cranes / Over Head Cranes
    Cranes / Over Head Cranes
Company Profile

The company is able to manufacture the products according to customer's requirement, specifications & applications. It has a modern design department with highly skilled and qualified staff.

Mission & Vision

To become a globally competitive engineering industry while working as an instrument for achieving self-reliance in design, manufacture and maintenance of Kavitsu products

Quality Policy

Kavitsu is ISO 9001 : 2000 certified company. As it is registered with a number of establishments, Kavitsu products are inspected, in house by third party.

Planetary Gearboxes
Planetary Gearboxes